Tight access is not a problem!

Put it around the back they said! We carry a lot of concrete sleepers for Durawall. They are a great local company that manufactures concrete sleepers. As part of our service we always try to place the sleepers as close to the job as safely possible as they are very heavy and it saves the […]

crane truck on barge at night

Midnight Run

We caught the late night barge on a Sunday to make the high tide to St. Helena Island to pick up leftover materials from a recent restoration job on the island. It was a lovely night for a cruise! We are very flexible and happy to work out solutions for our customers.  

delivery of sand bags

Villa Maria Development

We have a Flat Bed that can carry 8t. It has a 7.2m tray. An early morning delivery of sand bags to the Villa Maria development in Fortitude Valley. Many sites require loads to be lifted off by the onsite crane. This requires the customer booking a lift time and then coordinating the truck, so […]

crane truck delivery

Transporting locally

Made in Brisbane! Always good to be transporting goods manufactured locally. It keeps local people in jobs and helps businesses like us to keep investing in and employing these great people.