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Tight access is not a problem!

Put it around the back they said!

We carry a lot of concrete sleepers for Durawall. They are a great local company that manufactures concrete sleepers.

As part of our service we always try to place the sleepers as close to the job as safely possible as they are very heavy and it saves the boys having to carry the sleepers further than necessary. Sometimes that can be a challenge and relies on the call of our experienced drivers to ensure they don’t cause any collateral damage to any buildings etc as well as the truck.

A drop at Tarragindi proved to be very tight. Slowly and carefully the truck was manoeuvred between the old house and fence so that sleepers could be placed at the back where the retaining wall was being installed. All good and the customer was happy.

If you are in a tight spot give us a call at Up n Go crane trucks.


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